Sunday, May 16, 2010

3 March 2010

Hello everyone! This is my second to last email and when I checked my email this morning I had 7 emails!!!! With many people saying "sorry I didn't write you on your mission till your last 2 weeks..." But really I am so grateful for any email. Because let's admit it, I didn't write any of my friends on their missions, not even in the last two weeks. I know that life is a lot busier as a real person so thanks for thinking of me and praying for me.

I have 14 more days left as a missionary, but it doesn't feel like it because I am back in Tucheng with a really funny companion. Sister Hsu is really a joy and a delight to be around and keeps me laughing with her funny English. The other day during dinner we were looking at a map of Tucheng and Sanxia and I saw that next to Sanxia was Inge and next to Inge was Bade. It is really quite far to ride from Tucheng to Bade (maybe 2.5 hours on a bike) but on the map it looked really close. So half joking, I turned to my companion and said, "next preparation day we can ride to Bade and see my friends there! Look, it is really close!"

And then she turned and looked at me and said, "Lady, it's a map!" and rolled her eyes. It was really really funny but I don't know how to express how funny it was. Just laugh and enjoy it. :)

My companion also got hit by a car! It was rather exciting--I was riding behind her and we were riding past the church. She turned her head to look at the church for a second and a big truck pulled out of an ally and stopped too late. She turned her head back just in time to run into the truck, break off its side mirror, and run into a parked motorcycle and fall off her bike. It was a pretty tramatic accident involving blood and some big bruises but my companion is a real trooper and just got back on her bike to ride to our next appointment. Missionary work is so exciting! And both of us laugh about it everytime we think about it. "Look, the church!" Boom!

And on Saturday, Yin Ren and Zhen Yi, two sisters, got baptized. Yin Ren is 16 and Zhen Yi is 8 and their mother is a member. Their mother has a lot of health problems and her body is slowly dying, different parts at a time, so there was a long time that she didn't come to church. But recently we started teaching her daughters and on Saturday they got baptized.

They are both really cute so we were really excited for them to get baptized, but they were really nervous. And then we got to the church Saturday morning and realized that the elders had forgotten to turn on one of the water heaters and they take 4 hours to warm the water! And the baptism started in 30 minutes!

So I told Yin ren and Zhen Yi that it was going to be like going swimming! The water was really cold but luckily the weather was pretty hot that day. And then Zhen Yi, when she bore her testimony after her baptism, said that she was really nervous but she said a prayer and she said right before she walked into the font she said a prayer and she said that she felt like Heavenly Father went with her into the font and helped her to not be afraid. Her testimony was so pure and sweet. These kinds of experiences make the awful and dreadful worth it all!

Well, love you all. Next monday is my last email as a missionary. Hope you are excited!

Sister White

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