Sunday, May 16, 2010

January 11

Hello! Happy Monday! (or Sunday...) These past few days Taiwan has been getting a "cold" spell...which means that the weather has been down in the 40's some days. (I hear that Utah is having the coldest winter in a long time, and some days it gets up to freezing... :)

Well, I am still very much used to very cold weather and a somewhat chilly day still feels quite warm to me. Which means that I am still wearing short sleeves, while everyone around me is wearing coats, gloves, scarves, and shivering. And then they look at me with my short sleeves on and they freak out. :)

Yesterday we stopped by an investigator's house to share a scripture with her and see how she was doing. She said, "Can I touch your finger?" (Kind of a weird question, eh?) When I agreed, she touched my hand, and then almost fell over from shock. As she was wearing a coat and her hands were icy cold and I was wearing short sleeves but my hands were warm, she must have thought I was some sort of alien, or something! She was expecting my hands to be icy cold. It made me laugh for quite a while. "Can I touch your finger?"

A lot of things happened this week but I don't really want to write about any of them. Who wants to hear about a less active with manic depression who yells at the missionaries when they, at her request, go over to clean her house? Or people cancelling on their appointments because it is raining? Or missionary leaders who don't seem to know what the term "unrighteous dominion" means? Or less than happy companions?

No one, right? So this email will be a little shorter this week. But still exciting! Last Monday we went over to Jian Jia Yin's house, who is an 18-year old investigator. Her mother is a new member and when she got baptized she asked us to start teaching her daughter. Well, we have been teaching her and she has been progressing, but very slowly. (Remember when I told you about the Sunday when our new member told her daughter that if she didn't get baptized she had to leave the house? No wonder she is not progressing, with pressure like that!) Anyway, a long time ago we had invited her to really pray about the Book of Mormon. And if she didn't get an answer, to pray again. And she said that she did it, but she didn't get an answer, even after three days. Well, we had invited her to keep praying, and had taught her about the Spirit and an importance of a testimony, etc, etc.

And last week we went back and I asked her if she had prayed and gotten an answer. She said yes!!!! She prayed! And God answered her prayer! She said the answer she got was, "It's true, don't ask again." Which fits her personality exactly.

Joy beyond belief! She prayed and got an answer! The other things, like keeping commandments, will come so much more easily now that she has prayed and received an answer. Life is wonderful!

Oh, and did I mention that for some strange reason my area is filled with sunflowers right now? God loves me, and He gives me sunflowers in January.

Sister White

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