Sunday, May 16, 2010

22 February

Happy birthday to dad, Losaunne, and Avalon!

This week I don't have much time left to write (because I had to register with the new myldsmail) but I just want to say that this week was a week of accidents! I guess I couldn't get off the island without another string of accidents. The first one was minor--my companion was riding right behind me and I stopped too quickly. She ran right into me and fell off her bike--she got some nasty bruises but no cuts. Nothing happened to me except my raincoat got ripped. I didn't realize it at the time but when we were walking into the house at night my companion said, "Sister White! Your raincoat is broken! I am sorry I broken your raincoat!" I just laughed--her English is really so cute.

And so then Friday night we were stopping by the store to buy new raincoats because it was raining pretty hard and both of our raincoats were "broken" and we were getting soaked. so we were crossing the road on the crosswalk (riding bikes) and I was casually chatting with my companion when all of a sudden boom! I got hit by a car. It was actually quite exciting since it was my first accident involving a car and not motorcycles. What was even more exciting was that it was a hit and run! I was really blessed, though, because although the car hit me on the right side and I fell over to the right side, I only have bruises on my left side. And they are quite small. No blood, only a few tears, and my shoes didn't even break! Heavenly Father really loves me. :)

Wow, this new email system is so awesome! It would have been great to have earlier. It is run by google so it is great. Sorry, side note.

Well, nothing much new to say. I am still alive and healthy and still working hard. Today for preparation day we went to a mountain in Sanxia and saw waterfalls and even saw a monkey! It was awesome.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week. I will try to write more next week.

Sister White

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