Thursday, April 15, 2010

10 June

Hello everyone! I thought I would start off with a funny story right at the first. Everyone knows that missionaries are supposed to exercise every morning. Well, this past week at zone conference Sister Nielson was telling us that in order to count as exercise, we need to "break a sweat." I wanted to say (but I didn't, don't worry!) that when I roll over in bed I break a sweat, so does that count? It is seriously so hot here!!!! Yesterday I told my companion that I am so glad it is June because after June comes July, and then August, and then September, and then it won't be so hot anymore! :)

This past week was pretty normal--teaching lessons, going to missionary meetings, etc.--but there were two kind of exciting things that happened. First of all, I was walking to a fireside in Taipei Sunday night for our investigators and new members (we have them every month) and my shoe broke. Again. The black ones. The same one that broke at zone conference and Sister Nielson took and got fixed during lunch.

Yeah, it was lots of fun. And it was Sunday. And it was zone conference the next day. So the next day, I wore (tacky alert!) brown shoes with my black skirt and suit jacket. And of course everyone saw because I play the organ and so I was sitting on the front row--and Sister and President Nielson and the assistants and everyone else who presented stood right in front of me. Oh well. I don't think they judged me too harshly. Plus, in Taiwan, almost anything goes, and I think some day brown shoes with black dresses will come in style, right? :)

Wow, so my time is almost up. I will have to save the good story for next week--but this past week for preparation day my companion and I went to this astronomical museum and saw all these really cool things. Unfortunately I couldn't read any of the signs because they were all in Chinese but the models of the moon and astronaut suits and everything else were really cool. The museum is 4 floors--and on the fourth floor is this thing called "cosmic adventure" which is like a roller coaster without anything exciting. It is like a movie going through solar system where they talk about each planet--but you are riding in a moving car so sometimes it is almost realistic. :) Anyway, my companion and I were walking up to it and we got to the fourth floor and all of a sudden were surrounded by blinking Christmas lights. I almost expected the attendants to be dressed in white lab coats or something. Anyway, I can't really explain it in an email but my companion and I laughed the whole way. And then when we told our district that we had gone on the ride they all laughed too. I just realized that this doesn't sound very funny but maybe next week I will attach a picture or two. It was out of control.

Hope all is well. Good luck with summer!

Sister White

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