Thursday, April 15, 2010

17 August--Bade/Taoyuan 2

Dear everyone,

The exciting news for this week is that I moved!!! I thought my time was coming and I was right. I moved to Bade (it is pronounced Baa duh) and my new companion is Sister Olsen. This is her third transfer and she is an angel. I am so lucky. And my new home is a PALACE! I am not even kidding. I wish I had pictures but they will probably have to come later. I moved early this morning (and the Bade senior companion and I just switched places, so she is in Tucheng now--which is exciting! She will take great care of that area and she is Taiwanese :) and a member drove Sister Shir to Tucheng and then drove me back to Bade. They told me on the way that the home was a beautiful and magnificent place, but I thought they were just trying out their English. But then I got there and almost fell over--it is in a beautiful place and the apartment is unbelievably nice. I kept walking into every room and laughing and Sister Olsen laughed at me. It is seriously so nice--I told her I don't feel like a missionary in it, I feel like I am on vacation. But I am sure I will feel like a missionary after not too long, just still in after shock, I guess. :)

Let's see, what else. I found out late Friday night that I was moving, but I was in Taipei all day on Saturday because we were temple square sisters so there was no time to visit anyone. I tried to call everyone and let them know and people were really really shocked. I tried to warn them this past week that I might move but they are all so cute--they all prayed that I would stay and if I had to move I would move to the next city over so they could come and visit me. I laughed after almost every prayer (but I only laughed during one prayer, don't worry). One of our investigators in particular, Kate, said the closing prayer after one of our lessons and prayed that neither I nor my companion would move--and then when the prayer was over, she said, "There, it is set in stone. I prayed that you would stay so you can't move!" I just laughed.

But then I called her yesterday (she was out of town for the weekend) to talk to her and she said that after she said that prayer, she said another prayer and told Heavenly Father that she really wanted me to stay but if He had children that needed me somewhere else, He could send me there. I laughed when she told me that, too--good thing she gave Heavenly Father permission to send me somewhere else!

So yesterday there were lots of tears. I cried too--especially since they had me stand up in Relief Society and share my testimony! I have been in Tucheng since January and I feel like the members and investigators are like my family, so it was hard to leave them. But luckily Taiwan is a pretty small island so I most likely will see them again. :)

Oh, and in other news...I don't know how much is in the news in America but the typhoon was really really serious down in southern Taiwan. Thankfully it wasn't bad up there but there were some apartment buildings (family housing but they are all stacked together) that got completely blown away and some mountainous villages that are inaccessible by road. It is the worst typhoon to hit Taiwan in 50 years. Anyway, so please keep them in your prayers--some of the missionaries here had family members affected by the typhoon and many houses were destroyed and many people died. Although we can't watch the news we hear about it from everyone and see pictures everywhere, and it makes me cry each time. But the church is doing a lot to help them and the missionaries down there are also helping with rescue and cleanup efforts.

Well, that is about all. This morning as I was getting ready to move there was another earthquake--not that big, but the chimes did ring. Creepy. I am just experiencing all sorts of natural disasters! :) Well, love you all. And thank you for your emails--I love emails and letters!!!

Sister White

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