Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Friends and family,

Thank you for the birthday wishes! I almost fell out of my chair when I saw that I had 19 emails today. I should have a birthday more often... :)

Most of you talked about conference. I am sure it was wonderful...we are watching it this weekend and I am so excited. We watch it late because of the time difference. I am really excited for our investigators to watch it too...it is hard to deny the Spirit that one feels as they watch living prophets speak the word of God! Us missionaries actually get to watch it in English so hopefully I will be able to understand everything. :)

Just a couple of stories this week. My companions hand has been healing nicely and we have been pushing the limits and started to ride bikes again. We just can't get everywhere walking, as our area is actually quite big! Last Saturday we rode out to Sanxia, another part of our area, and back, which took about 3 hours round trip (it wouldn't have taken so long but we took a 16-year old member and her non-member mother with us on bikes, and they ride a lot slower than us!). When I got back I looked down at my arms and they were BRIGHT red and burning with heat--I guess I got sunburned pretty badly! People in Taiwan don't really get sunburned--so they were all freaking out! On Sunday before church I was helping the choir practice and the woman all freaked out when they saw my arms. One of them ran out and got some sort of medicine and started rubbing it all over my arms as I was playing the piano. It was kind of awkward! So my new nickname for the week is "Sister Red" instead of "Sister White." All the ward members, especially the children, think it is really really funny--and they all want to touch my arms! Awdward!

I was going to tell more stories but I am almost out of time so they will have to wait until next week--which, by the way, will be a new transfer so I will write on Monday. So mom, remember to write me on Sunday!

I will end with this random story that just happened. We go to an internet cafe to send emails, and we went kind of early today because we are going up to the temple in Taipei. Anyway, I was sitting here writing my email and this woman sat down two seats down from me. I looked over and it was one of our investigators! Crazy! We both laughed that we randomly happened to be here at the same time.

Hope all is well. Thanks for the prayers, the support, and the letters and emails. Isn't the gospel amazing?

Sister White

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