Thursday, April 15, 2010

29 July

Hello everyone! I can't believe July is almost over. I hear August is the hottest so if I can survive August, September should be a little better and October should start cooling down, right? My heat rash is spreading and really itchy and sometimes swells up like hives--lots of fun! This past week I remembered one of my old companions (the one who had to have surgery) developed an allergy to the sun while she was in Taiwan because it is so hot. She had to go to the doctor and take special medicine--and her rash looked a lot like mine! I really hope I am not allergic to the sun now!

Let's see, what interesting things can I share this week. Oh yes--I got in an accident! Last Wednesday, after emailing, we were riding our bikes over to the metro to ride up to Banqiao to a zone activity. Well, traffic in Taiwan is pretty crazy because there are so many motor scooters and they just ride wherever they want. You have to be really careful about people riding on the wrong side of the road. I am afraid I have picked up some bad habits from them and am probably not as careful as I should be when I am riding my bike--if you are careful you never get anywhere! Anyway, so I went out into the road and a motor bike was coming but I thought he would just go around me. Unfortunately, he chose the wrong side to go around me and hit my bike. Luckily it wasn't too bad, I only bled a little, and I didn't even pass out. I have a beautiful looking bruise on my arm, though (remember how I have an internal "veins leaking" problem?) and it has caused quite a stir. :) This is accident #2 but at least this story is cooler than the last one, when I got in an accident with myself. :(

What else. It is fun for me to have been in Tucheng for so long because I have seen the dynamics of this area. After a few months of no baptisms, two of our investigators are getting baptized next week! One of them is Zheng Zheng Rong, Sister Chen's husband. She is so happy, he is so happy, and we are so happy! We met with him on Monday and asked him if he was willing to keept the committment of following Jesus Christ that comes with baptism. He said yes because he wants to be in the celestial kingdom with his family. I was so happy I almost cried! (or maybe it was just sweat...) It is so beautiful to watch peoples' lives change because of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Isn't it so awesome that we have living prophets and the Book of Mormon and the priesthood authority of God?!

Hmm, I don't know what else to write. A lot happens every day but by the time I get to email I have forgotten it all. Maybe next week. Hope you are all doing well!

Sister White

PS--I especially want to thank Grandma and Grandpa White, Gini, Brittany Hallewell, Aunt Cindi, Lorien and Sheryl for writing me recently. I haven't written you letters because I don't have your addresses and I can't email you, but thank you so much for the emails and encouragement! I seriously love getting emails. :)

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